AWS EC2 powerShell tips

Ever find yourself looking for ways to use powerShell? maybe that’s just me. Hahaha Recently I was supporting some EC2 in the cloud testing some new AWS features and services and I found my self locked out and released this machine was not domain joined but I couldn’t login. With the windows PowerShell cmdlets swirlingContinue reading “AWS EC2 powerShell tips”

Confluence CVE Vulnerability Checker

Some people host confluence from Atlassian on local infrastructure and no access to the cloud.I was curious if this could be an issue with learning whether or not your version is vulnerable. So here is something I noticed to be helpful to all Confluence admins that want to check and not worry about the deepContinue reading “Confluence CVE Vulnerability Checker”

Understand the Error of your ways.

We all have different way to accomplish a task that is given to us. Sometimes we make mistakes and we are panicking to fix the errors better know as PowerShell error handling. Sometimes, knowing your mistakes is better than googling or trying to the answers. I’m comfortable with PowerShell, the errors are defined in aContinue reading “Understand the Error of your ways.”

Storing Objects and Text.

The best case scenario in my opinion of using variables is to leverage objects. I know some of the users prefer text only, but objects carry much more information, that can be logged or leveraged. Here is an example: Having computer’s name vs and object with multiple properties. The 3 last lines are are magic…Continue reading “Storing Objects and Text.”

Using Object properties

A lot of people see PowerShell as conversion tool, but it can do so much more. It can uninstall apps, inventory your applications. Rename files to a standard. Create shares, modify files and sessions and give an Administrator access to a computer without interrupting a session. It is built on .net/c# so it can doContinue reading “Using Object properties”

PowerShell Importing Data from Excel

If you want to import Excel data I recommend giving the people who toke the time to develop this module Import-Excel. It can be Read about on the PSGallery here: After reading we will try to find the module using built im module package for powershell : “find-module importexcel” we can pipe this intoContinue reading “PowerShell Importing Data from Excel”

Formatting dates from text or objects

Ever imported data just to have a non readable date stamp? Get-date can take your text that is a date and turn it into something more readable. Take “15-FEB-20” for example. It’s not really a wildly used format. Pipe that to get-date like so: Then you can format your date to remove time and whatContinue reading “Formatting dates from text or objects”

Planning stops the issues from Spanning.

Planning is vital to any infrastructure environment and when scripting or using PowerShell is by no means any different. when you add a high level plan/structure and use it as a map of to-dos and things you want to add later and things you would like to change. Failure to plan can mean data lossContinue reading “Planning stops the issues from Spanning.”