VS code ready to replace PowerShell ISE?

There is a push to go to Visual Studio Code, which is a plug-in rather than the PowerShell.exe having its own dedicated ISE application. It can be seen as smart, others see this as allowing for distractions. I do not like the syntax in the responses of commands, I don’t like the lack of theContinue reading “VS code ready to replace PowerShell ISE?”

Excel Charts from PowerShell data

Looking to make Reports more sharing friendly? First start with an additional module known as “importExcel” (the link to the psgallery details is there) Truth be told you can also Export to excel as well even though the name doesn’t give that away. Script Time!!!! (I actually had to type this because I say thisContinue reading “Excel Charts from PowerShell data”

Visualizing Data with Excel and Powershell

Recently I was Reading a write-up on API and transforming data with Python. I know this is a blog about PowerShell right? However I want to point out that python is a scripting environment and actually more involved to get started so the restraints of that for a beginner is constricting (Pun intended). PowerShell isContinue reading “Visualizing Data with Excel and Powershell”

Learning to access data from APIs (Invoke-WebRequest)

PowerShell is known for its wide capabilities to “shell” out changes and reporting data. Websites are embracing the movement with data standards native to PowerShell and it’s cyphering functionality. Formats like JSON, and XML that are leveraged as responses for sites that load data. So using invoke-webrequest and piping the results to convertfrom-json can turnContinue reading “Learning to access data from APIs (Invoke-WebRequest)”