PowerShell to Manage thumbnail Cache databases used by file Explorer

So I have seen some issues with thumbnails in 1809 Enterprise edition. When I am aggravated with them I clip them. it’s just good hygiene. lol   so here is a telltale script that does just that. <# Thumbnail Issue -kill explorer tasks -Remove Thumbnail databases -restart explorer #> #-kill explorer tasks write-host “stopping theContinue reading “PowerShell to Manage thumbnail Cache databases used by file Explorer”

User Back up function or Script

  First I want to point out the $home variable for individual self initiated back ups. so if you wanted to back up specifics to the current logged in user $home is Sufficient, even if you have DFS / or SMB redirected home folders. if you are backing up all users you need to alsoContinue reading “User Back up function or Script”

AWS/GoogleCloud and harnessing PowerShell (One Shell to rule them all)

Heads up….. The cloud is ready. There is alot of fun to be had with different Platforms and PowerShell grew up on the mean streets of scrutiny, much like myslef and we are much alike in our flexibility to adapt and automate anything, although I am sure PowerShell probably doesn’t need me as much asContinue reading “AWS/GoogleCloud and harnessing PowerShell (One Shell to rule them all)”

Using a series of numbers to loop through an object or process.

I wanted to share this to help people that have to build scripts that parse/writes tons of files. I always use the numbers depending on scale like the following. 1..17 | |foreach-object {Write-Output “User$_”} another example if you need files: $objectarray=@() 1..17 | |foreach-object {new-object psobject  -property @{ name=”User$_”} Well depending on the task youContinue reading “Using a series of numbers to loop through an object or process.”

Learning when and “Where”.

learning your way around the shell is really important. the “where-Object” is like the GPS of the pipeline and to elaborate on the pipeline a little is a one way train to get you to the solution you need. here is an example. I set this to select the first one to help trim theContinue reading “Learning when and “Where”.”

PowerShell Get-TimeMachine?!

Well, I know what you’re thinking, it is just click bait. But I want to assure you it is possible. You could create this into a function but the magic is in the details of this one. “New-TimeSpan” is a tool that has existed since 2.0 and before you start-sleep ever again, consider the possibilitiesContinue reading “PowerShell Get-TimeMachine?!”

PowerShell and utilizing it’s Profile.

It may not be something we all wake up in the morning thinking about but to wake up and make your life just a bit easier is something we all think about. probably at more times through out the day. The PowerShell profile that is going to be covered are both user based profiles. OneContinue reading “PowerShell and utilizing it’s Profile.”

Comparing objects, files, and variables in PowerShell

How do you Compare objects? Most people throw things at a problem and see what sticks. Is this a true “solution” or a makeshift glue that can come unraveled at any given moment.   I think that when we compare we should understand what is needed and not needed, and really understand our options. UnderstandContinue reading “Comparing objects, files, and variables in PowerShell”

Enabling Remote Desktop remotely with PowerShell — from SID-500.COM

Consider the following scenario: There’s a switched on client computer in a branch office and you want to connect to that computer via remote desktop. Remote desktop is disabled by default on all Windows operating systems. There’s no user logged on this client computer and no one can help you to enable remote desktop. What […]Continue reading “Enabling Remote Desktop remotely with PowerShell — from SID-500.COM”

Writing Functions in PowerShell

I would like to propose we should all function as adults at some point in life. maybe not 24 hours a day but enough to take care of ourselves. PowerShell is an area that need you to be functioning to preserve your sanity and time, I will cover simple & advanced functions. A function canContinue reading “Writing Functions in PowerShell”