It’s strange how often we talk about history and how many of us actually get it.

Today 42 years ago my brother was born on this day as mother’s first child, she celebrated her Mother’s Day two days in a row.

Although he passed away before his time. I will never forget how he affected my history. Without him or my mother I’m not sure we would be sharing or relating on this technical blog. I am thankful. So saying that I know you have to be thankful for the ups and downs and even mistakes that sort out where we end up or the solutions we find in life.

Get-history something that you have to go back and explore and see your mistakes. Your typos and your solutions that may be a reusable philosophy to include in your next project or script. I think using a PowerShell command box is just as important as using an ISE wether it is the OS built in one, visual studio code, notepad++, or even Sapian power Script.

As a challenge I want you to get-history and share your third from last command in the comments. Don’t include sensitive data. Just the command. Sounds silly but it could be fun.

Mine is Restart-Computer -Force

Looking back I think my computer wasn’t performing well after a long zoom meeting. I think it makes me want to see if there is anything in the system log. Had I not challenged myself to do this first. I may not have looked back at an opportunity to learn.

Thanks for reading.

Published by Xajuan Smith

Computer Information Specialist, with a desire to make the masses feel what I was born to channel...The emotion that strives us to do more, speak more boldly and with most sincere ideals that will make life easier and will not hinder the dreams we all have at any given time.

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