Tab-complete Therapy

There is a special place in my heart for tab-completion. Just invoking it brings peace of mind.

There are a lot of people that feel like they are retired school spelling-bee champs. I tend to like the command line validation. It sounds crazy but even when I spell it out all the way it feel like magic to watch camel case completely reshape the letters and when it doesn’t I feel this shame of losing my mojo!

I think having this as a fail-safe or a second way to verifying your typing prowess. It looks awesome when your boss is visiting your desk and you’re showing him the latest update to your project in a quick query or a possession to test connectivity to a server and it’s services and processes. It is massive when you install, update a role or feature.

Take some time and consider if you are using all the tools PowerShell can do and you can do this faster with tab-complete as it works with your own custom built functions and that adds to your highly stacked brownie points lol.

Thanks for reading and let the shell enlightened you.

Published by Xajuan Smith

Computer Information Specialist, with a desire to make the masses feel what I was born to channel...The emotion that strives us to do more, speak more boldly and with most sincere ideals that will make life easier and will not hinder the dreams we all have at any given time.

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