Does anyone object?

Writing scripts and functions we sometimes just want something to do or be one way with one purpose.

I have mulled over things and re-coded tools to work with different things. The one thing I find to be the best in every situation is always script or code with objects in mind so that the rescuing of old code is easier.

Yeah it takes more time to do this and ensure that you aren’t reinventing the wheel.

The reality of even using PowerShell is to make your life easier. You want to ensure the process you use is refined enough to keep management at bay on your decisions and feeling confident about your solutions by reassuring them with facts and successes.

So instead of making a paper air plane that only flys in circles. Create a small engine that can fly a tiny drone and can be controlled with a strict protocol.

You may think to your self drones are cumbersome and you don’t always need to fly things but, hang on! That tiny engine can go in to a tiny car and use the same controller and so on.

I don’t want you to only be a pilot but an engineer that can reuse useful creations. Explore your horizons during down time, explore modules and other scripts to become inspired.

Take what you see and make it your foresight for newer projects. Have you taken the time to create something lately and really make it reusable?

Remember the Shell runs on your mind Power!

Published by Xajuan Smith

Computer Information Specialist, with a desire to make the masses feel what I was born to channel...The emotion that strives us to do more, speak more boldly and with most sincere ideals that will make life easier and will not hinder the dreams we all have at any given time.

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