PowerShell Importing Data from Excel

If you want to import Excel data I recommend giving the people who toke the time to develop this module Import-Excel. It can be Read about on the PSGallery here: https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/ImportExcel/ After reading we will try to find the module using built im module package for powershell : “find-module importexcel” we can pipe this intoContinue reading “PowerShell Importing Data from Excel”

Formatting dates from text or objects

Ever imported data just to have a non readable date stamp? Get-date can take your text that is a date and turn it into something more readable. Take “15-FEB-20” for example. It’s not really a wildly used format. Pipe that to get-date like so: Then you can format your date to remove time and whatContinue reading “Formatting dates from text or objects”