VS code ready to replace PowerShell ISE?

There is a push to go to Visual Studio Code, which is a plug-in rather than the PowerShell.exe having its own dedicated ISE application. It can be seen as smart, others see this as allowing for distractions. I do not like the syntax in the responses of commands, I don’t like the lack of theContinue reading “VS code ready to replace PowerShell ISE?”

Audit Objects in your Domain(s) using switch statements in PowerShell

I find it important to figure out who and what is in your active directory OUs get-aduser $TargetedUser What about groups, and computers? get-adobject $targetObject this includes users, groups, and computers. here is a switch that will report differently based on object class property that gets returned. get-adobject -filter *| foreach-object{ Switch($_.Objectclass) { User{ write-hostContinue reading “Audit Objects in your Domain(s) using switch statements in PowerShell”

Robocopy and PowerShell working in harmony.

  So lets create a scenario,  and say that they were having difficulty using Robocopy commands within or with PowerShell. Here’s a demonstration of how to use PowerShell to be able to deliver seamless and accurate commands that will ensure that you will have your data copied and have your PowerShell script. The best partContinue reading “Robocopy and PowerShell working in harmony.”