Mobile PowerShell Needed?

I have always wanted to get my mittens on a mobile iteration of the prized management tool. I made sure I got a mobile sized tablet that would allow for me to use this on the go. Remote Desktop, Team viewer, Screen connect, VNC just dont respond like a native client. Wouldn’t it be somethingContinue reading “Mobile PowerShell Needed?”

Enabling Remote Desktop remotely with PowerShell — from SID-500.COM

Consider the following scenario: There’s a switched on client computer in a branch office and you want to connect to that computer via remote desktop. Remote desktop is disabled by default on all Windows operating systems. There’s no user logged on this client computer and no one can help you to enable remote desktop. What […]Continue reading “Enabling Remote Desktop remotely with PowerShell — from SID-500.COM”

Audit Objects in your Domain(s) using switch statements in PowerShell

I find it important to figure out who and what is in your active directory OUs get-aduser $TargetedUser What about groups, and computers? get-adobject $targetObject this includes users, groups, and computers. here is a switch that will report differently based on object class property that gets returned. get-adobject -filter *| foreach-object{ Switch($_.Objectclass) { User{ write-hostContinue reading “Audit Objects in your Domain(s) using switch statements in PowerShell”

Add-Member if you want to effectively “object” all things and possess their property.

I thought I would clarify this as most articles don’t simplify this to easily wrap you head around. Add-member is what I would use to add a new member to a group of properties on an object I create the object  Add a noteproperty that translate to text create a scriptmethod that can do thingsContinue reading “Add-Member if you want to effectively “object” all things and possess their property.”

Robocopy and PowerShell working in harmony.

  So lets create a scenario,  and say that they were having difficulty using Robocopy commands within or with PowerShell. Here’s a demonstration of how to use PowerShell to be able to deliver seamless and accurate commands that will ensure that you will have your data copied and have your PowerShell script. The best partContinue reading “Robocopy and PowerShell working in harmony.”